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Living through the Higher Self

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Our capacity to live in this world in an enlightened way has never been more available to us as it is now. With every perceived catastrophe we have an opening to the realm of pure potential in which to heal and change.

With Mass Conscious leading the charge, we are scrambling for our lives, both literally and figuratively.

We are creating a frequency alteration that is causing a chain-reaction of vibrational change through global awareness and consciousness. We can tap into the fear and be influenced by the masses, or we can choose to live through the lens of love at our highest vibratory level and find peace in the evolution that cannot and will not be stopped through our individual free will.

Let us tap into this vibrational change and choose unity and hope as our focus. This requires enlightenment and cooperation beyond politics and fear-based systems that no longer work or never did work for ALL. Including the Earth and her Flora and Fauna, the mother who provides us with Life, nurtures and nourishes us. She is mighty and she will thrive and move on, even if our extinction is what it takes...

We are a microcosm of a macrocosm, our energy mimics Gaia herself. As She cleanses herself, we are being asked to live in a different way. We are also cleansing, evolving, changing.

It is as if the earth is being scrubbed clean and our psyches/souls and bodies are being scrubbed into change.

There is no other way to BE but to be living from this vibrational state. And over time, we have created a fortress of situations in our body/minds that create blockages in our energetic systems including a blockage keeping the higher vibrating divinity in us at bay. Gaia is cleansing herself, scrubbing herself clean, raising her vibration: and the human race is too.

Gaia Knows Best

The very survival of the earth is not in jeopardy. As the earth is overwhelmed with man-made chemicals and pollution, she allows her pain to bubble up in the form of earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. . As the earth continues cleanse. SHE moves. She rains. she floods, she blows and burns. As we to, as a human race, are affecting collective expansion, our pain is bubbling up to. Our planet is healing and we are healing. Change is inevitable, change is natural and and change is good.

Our earth is burning down her biome so she can regenerate and thrive again, And so must we.

Gaia happily provides food, shelter and beauty for all of us ALL. She does not judge. All of her systems continue. They evolve. As do we.

The Earth provides for all. When her systems run amok, she balances them. When the systems of the body/mind run amok, both collectively and individually, our body/mind balances them. We do this through the emotional system as well as the subtle energy systems.

When our social systems have run amok, and need balancing, pain rises to the surface in order to be felt and heard. This pain must transmute in its own time, cannot be rushed by political system, by other people’s opinions even if they are positively intentioned this beautiful, terrible, pain is a catalyst for evolution. But when we view these changes through this lens of a higher vibration, we are also changing particles and creating new waves of reality.

We Created this; and we will Evolve, with or without Consciousness.

As a society, we created a contract each other where we agreed that money and materialism trumped our spirituality and ultimately our well-being. But this economic based system created an illusion that was the genesis for greed and imbalances in our systems.

Survival of the fittest doesn’t even begin to describe this.

Men and women who bought into this illusion (that money even exists rather than being an exploitive system of its own) created imbalances in communities and in government. Humans dominated in the name of the GOLD GOD.

The notion that all systems require working together dissolved. And only competition was left.

We can see what a community of SELVES without free will and ego would look like in patterns of nature, such as bees.

The drone bees and the Queen bee are molecularly different from each other. As are we.

The drones have different jobs and duties. Due to their molecular differences, some bees are suited to soft hot both role behind the pursuit of health insurance, items, money , the grand illusion.0 They are programmed in pursuit of the greater good, knowing their very survival depends on this.

Queen bee to help us generate work and energy for the greater good. Bees there is no be-judgment based on how bees look. However the cooperation of the workers and drones to do it’s part in order to generate the harmony of the whole.

We too, can learn to live from this natural blueprint, from a higher-self-place. We can observe our life from a higher vibrating lens. Through this lens, there is pure love and pure light and pure perspective. From this place, it is easy to see that we are ALL one. WE are all components of a larger energy system. This is the system that the galaxies are made of.

WE humans are equipped and able to feel the vibration and harmonic components of living from this place that we call our higher self. It is an energetic SELF, a place that never dies and connects us all.

With anger and strife all around us, and our primitive brain energy that overlaps with each other, we are being forced to live from the lower vibrating energy system, this survival mechanism is known as the reptilian brain.

This is the same system that ignites the worker bees and drones.

In human beings, the reptilian brain is energetic.It vibrates at a certain frequency and resonates with other like frequencies around it. When this energy overlaps it causes groups to move with sameness and with same intent.

Added to this system, is the free will and the ego of man. While the ego helps leaders to emerge in group situations, it also is the force that creates diversity and action. This is the catalyst that can be seen in peaceful protests that evolve into violent affairs.

The emotional tide that is currently collecting and moving through this earthly universe can be observed through the lens of the higher self.

Through this lens of love and light, we can see that the ideologies that appear to polarize us; are still all coming from the lower energetic states of survival and fear.

No matter which side of an issue you stand on, your belief system and perspectives are subconsciously built into your body/mind and the origin of our belief systems are based on survival and fear of ourselves and our ancestors.

The resulting hate that develops and the blaming of others and polarization on this planet, therefore is also based on illusion and fear. These are not irreconcilable differences.

These conflicts based on our subconscious programming are led by the reptilian brain of survival .

On a deep level, We believe these belief systems are keeping us alive. We believe that our truth is the only truth when there is no truth, only perspective.

Any perspective that is not generated through love and the higher self is illusion. We are living from a surface-ego place. We subconsciously believe our beliefs are keeping us alive. But we are living energetic entities that never die and we are all part of the same energetic pool of love and light that is eternal. No matter our beliefs.

Balancing the Biome of Human Social Systems

Imagine that all people on earth are like the bacteria and viruses in our own digestive system.

We know that the biome of the digestive system must balance itself so that we feel well. We know that viruses and bacteria can live in harmony.

When the viruses and bacteria in the digestive system are electrically active and healthy, then it follows that they are communicating well with each other and creating a balanced environment.

Each individual works towards what’s best for the greater good. Similar to honeybees, the whole system comes together and clears out overpopulated areas. Entities are balanced through communication and mutual agreement for the greater good.

All bacteria rely on each other and would not survive without each other as they interact chemically with each other and assimilate each other their own systems in order to create something new that is better for the bigger system. This is also how Mother Earth balances her own biome,

If we think of our systems on earth ( our political systems, our economic systems, our healthcare systems, are governmental systems )we can see that the checks and balances (i.e. good and bad bacteria)that have been in placed in systems by our forefathers are no longer communicating well with each other.

Yet this is something necessary for the greater good of our planet!

Somehow our viruses and bacteria (us) have become imbalanced and due to our individual lack of health and thriving we cannot seem to get back on track.

Systems are rising up. There is a social system cleansing occurring like the cleansing of Mother Earth herself.

This is a planet of abundance. The earth has plenty. There is enough sustenance for all thrive.

But we have bacteria/viruses that have run amok that our hoarding all of the resources and no longer communicating! The intended checks and balances are no longer healthy enough to perform their intended purposes!

Our people have lost their way.

This is an Energetic World.

We slip into hopelessness and operate from fear and rage. This is our nature in light of the reptilian brain/survival system we find ourselves in.

We are experiencing massive change. Change that is mandatory for the survival of the human race and for the ongoing cleansing of Gaia herself.

Looking through the lens of the higher-self requires precise communication. We must embrace our energetic selves.

When we learn to embrace our energetic selves, we are able to view the situation of our world through the lens of the higher self. Through this lens of love, disparity and strife and revolution are seen as evolution and change. Judgments fade into the background. Our belief systems melt back into the illusion from whence they came.

Our higher selves welcome change with open arms. Together, aligned with our souls, walking with compassion we can walk through this change towards love.

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