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About Me

Yogi,  Energy Healer,  Certified Conscious Living Coach,  Metaphysician


I spent many years as an Integrative Addiction Counselor in a residential facility, in the Madison area.  l left behind the world of addiction counseling to pursue my Ph.D in Metaphysics and Master's in Holistic Theology from AIHT.  This journey provided me the blessing to help addicts through holistic interventions such as Yoga, Meditation, and Spirituality.  When I was asked to go mainstream;  I said NO.

I said NO because healing occurs on an energetic level.   While it does help to address your distorted thoughts, your body/mind is fully integrated and it makes no sense to attempt to heal one without the other.


I started teaching Yoga in 2005 at various studios, including  implementing Tellurian Behavioral Health's Yoga Program, during my time as an Integrative Addiction Counselor​.  In addition, I introduced the 'Yogic Healing'  program to Cancer patients at Gilda’s Club in Madison.  I continue to teach Yin Yoga through Pure Peace Conscious Living.​


 I am both a Usuii and Karuna Reiki Master, trained in Sedona by internationally known teachers Laurelle Gaia and Michael. And am currently designing a program to teach Reiki! 


My goal is always to guide you along your path toward finding Pure Peace through Conscious Living.  We will work together to create a sacred space for your inner journey into expansion of "Self".  As your Conscious Living Coach/Energy Healer and/or Yoga Therapist,  we will, together, shine light upon your unconscious energy/darkness and create and transform it into light.  You will emerge as all that you were meant to be . . .

Pure Peace !

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" . . . Everything is energy and energy as everything . . . "

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