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Entraining to the New World Order

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Every life particle becomes a wave of energy through our consciousness.

When we become conscious, this is the beginning of the wave. It is like a creative spark. With continued focus and consciousness this spark swells. (Imagine an ember in a fire that glows and becomes hotter as you blow on it and give it more oxygen). The hotter the sparks get, the higher they vibrate and gain momentum until they reach their peak velocity and then begin their cool down period in this process. This is how our thought and focus affect the quantum field of energy,

When we become conscious, reorganization of matter and energy occurs, and this creates something new, the beginning of a new wave.


We have been filling the universe with both new wave energy and recirculated, reorganized energy since the beginning of time, forever, for eternity. 

Humans exist at a lower frequency as they go about their lives when their lives are lived unconsciously.  Shallow waves exist because there is less contrast in a life where risks are not taken, and change is not occurring.   Different vibrating velocities create contrast.  Like when the ember bursts into flame. 

These contrasts on the surface do not appear to be the same at all.  But If we take the risk to experience both with equal consciousness, we will see that these waves are not the same, yet they are still harmonic.  



During this time of change and pandemic, larger peaking waves are occurring in synch with our unfolding consciousness. Our new perspective occurs via harmonizing energy (resonance) and/or transmutation of energy.  Change/new consciousness multiplies the waves and changes the wave structure. We can both lower and raise vibration via our consciousness and resonance to thoughts.

Natural Patterns in the universe are the product of the consciousness of every living species.

When any species of animal or any living thing becomes aware of instinctual patterns, a new pattern may appear, created in the pocket of an energy wave.  This process continues over time until momentum creates force, and this pattern becomes locked in and reinforced by the connecting curtain: the fabric of the universe, the ALL, because we are all energetically connected through this collection or congregation of energy waves. 


 The power of the collective creates more momentum, energy moves and vibrates faster and energy patterns layer upon themselves.



During this process of harmonic resonance, molecules that are pulled apart come back together as a new whole.

This new whole is, part of the bigger whole, the universe and as this process repeats, this constant breaking down and building up, more and more of the whole is reflected in the parts.

This is the nature of our holographic universe.

In science, we call this entrainment. It is the inevitable synchronization of events or occurrence that naturally occurs in the universe.

When clocks with pendulums are left to their own devices the eventually synchronize with each other. This is a condition inherent to nature that motivated the subtle exchange of vibrational information between the pendulums, such that the pendulums “communicated” with each other until they found a harmonious and energy efficient rhythm together.

Most synchronicity occurs in nature, such as in flocks of birds who migrate in the winter or schools of fish, When they are close to each other the energetic part of their primitive brains overlap, allowing them to directly and instantly share the information that lets them move together in such a beautifully, synchronized way, allowing them to essentially move as one fish.

Any system where vibrating, oscillating or rhythmic cycles are present is a form of entrainment.

1. The very smallest units of reality and since the basic building blocks of everything in the universe (subatomic particles) are themselves vibrating and oscillating systems, the principles of entrainment are universal, like gravity.

2. Like the schooling fish, there is a feedback loop between the survival brain of each starling and the collective survival brain of the flock which informs their mesmerizing symphony of movement.

Humans are replete with vibrating, oscillating and rhythmic cycles as well

Entrainment is also the driving force behind our social interaction. We are interacting and exchanging information at the subtlest of levels internally, between the cells systems and organs of our bodies.

And we are also interacting and exchanging information at the subtlest levels externally, between each other when we interact. This exchange of information is nudging us toward greater health, greater wholeness, and grater conscious awareness.

It is through entrainment that we adopt unproductive relationships with parts of ourselves, programs that begin when we are in the womb.

This early nervous system is concerned with survival. Since we rely on the people around us for our survival this early part of our nervous system is adept at sensing into the subtle energetic cues that it gets from the people around us.

And through entrainment we adopt what they are modeling for us.

We tune ourselves like they have tuned themselves, like you might tune two or more musical instruments to match each other.

Contrast/challenges propels us in the right direction. We are forced into a reflective and healing cycle at the bottom of the wave cycle. We perceive this as negative. But it is Oh so positive. It is part of the whole and part of entrainment

The challenge of trauma is that is still in our system from any unprocessed perceived problem.

It is a wellspring of energetic potentiality, energy posed to do work- just ready to transmute and gain momentum as the wave climbs higher and reaches its peak.

In this time of change, we are learning to entrain to our unfamiliar environment.

⦁ Like a daffodil bulb that has been traumatically uprooted and replanted in a new environment; our natural rhythms and synchronicities have been disturbed.

⦁ The daffodil must change and adapt to its unfamiliar environment. The sun is at a different angle, the soil is a different consistency and temperature, the daffodil receives more rain or less rain. The conditions for survival are different.

⦁ The uprooting of the daffodil bulb is a disturbance. But change is a natural occurrence. The unique environment it finds itself in is also just as natural as the original one. What changes is the process pf entrainment. How it energetically adapts through a variety of new wave patterns changes. It must find new resonance and harmony with the new rhythm of nature that it finds itself in.

⦁ With contraction and expansion, we too, become increasingly coordinated with the Universe as a larger part of the whole.

⦁ The uprooted plant must reestablish energetic patterns with its unfamiliar environment. And so must we.

⦁ We begin the process of re-emerging in the world with new ways of coping, new ways of relating, a new pattern of overlapping primal brain waves.

⦁ We have been reserving our energy and have been living subconsciously in a world of same thinking in a culture of ego-driven priorities. Our biorhythms have gone awry as we have entrained together in break-neck speed towards useless materialism and the empty goals of perceived power.

⦁ While we were not looking, we entrained to this way of life. We made an unconscious agreement through the primal portions of our brains, with each other, to play this game. But who wrote the rules? The “few” determined the rules of what was important for the whole.

⦁ Had we been aware that this was happening, had we had a say in the rules we would not have chosen the endless empty striving for empty dreams of dust.

⦁ In this time of change, we experience discomfort because we are entraining to a new order, an unfamiliar environment. We do this whether we are aware of it or not. So why not choose to be aware? We get to set the rules. We can even change the game.

⦁ We can choose deeper understanding and plentiful love; nourishment and peace when we entrain to living in the NOW.

⦁ IN THE NOW, we can experience harmony or discord, contraction, or expansion. Do we want to continue living for weekend naps after arduous weeks of seeking the approval of invisible CEOs who are not energetically available to us at all? Probably not. We decide.

⦁ What are the elements of living that we want to incorporate into this new world that we will inevitably again entrain with?

⦁ What energetic systems will we find that we can harmonize with?

⦁ Like the daffodil adapting to a soil that is different, (not necessarily better or worse, simply different,) We too, can adapt, and will adapt to change.

⦁ Where “home” was once a place to operate “out of;” a brief landing place between adventures out in the world. Now, it can become a sanctuary, a place to thrive in.

⦁ Quality connection with our fellow humans can be our new reality.

⦁ We will have a transition period that will not be comfortable.

⦁ As the daffodil looks to find the new angle of the sun, we too, can be looking for new warmth, we can move towards what nourishes us best.

⦁ In the spring, the daffodil appears from rhythmic rest.

⦁ It will more vibrant and hardier than ever before.

⦁ It will be ready for change, resilient.

⦁ And so, will WE.

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