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Patterns in the Universe

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Natural Patterns in the Universe

Patterns in the universe are a result of energy moving in the same way more than once. This energy creates patterns. The energy of human consciousness is influenced by human thought. Thought vibrates at a decibel of 110 vcms (or in whichever method you chose to measure it). There are waves vibrations (particles) and pockets below the downward slant of the wave. It is in these pockets where new thought is created, via consciousness, a space between thoughts is (where you co mingle with other energies). Patterns are measured at the peak of the wave or at the top. Patterns are not eternal; they change with thought/consciousness and most frequently, they change or influence a pattern that already exists. And sometimes, at the bottom of the wave, genesis of a new pattern occurs. This pattern occurs as a creation of a thought, or consciousness. (Influenced by God or Universal energy?)

Almost all human creativity is created on the slant. (Different than the source.) The pockets of creativity (bottom of the wave) are supernatural, or “God” Thought. Influenced from the Source from which we came.

Anywhere else along the slant of the wave structure there are measured patterns of consciousness. These patterns are both individual as well as created through mass consciousness. Both individuals and groups can be influenced by patterns and influence patterns.

Why do we say we tune into a higher vibratory state as opposed to a lower vibratory state when are channeling?

This is only possible because of the pocket. (when channeling) We are not creating, we are harmonizing energies and ( I) am at the higher vibratory state. You (HUMANS)can only find this state when you calm the body mind and add consciousness, (at the delta level?) the lift of the vibration, which is possible in the entirety of your being. The electromagnetic frequency for this is generated by the heart as it has the greatest capacity for emitting energy in the human body.

So why is the “pocket,” areas of consciousness along the slant of the wave, part of the channeling process? Because it creates space. It is a vacuum in the mind that allows the vibration in. A space cannot be filled if the mass is 100 percent of the volume. That’s not quite right.

So back to patterns in nature, Originally, there were more wave pockets, more waves than there are now. (When a wave comes through a wave more waves occur, ) We have been filling the universe with new energy since the beginning of time, forever, for eternity. Humans exist at a lower frequency as they go about their shallow lives. This word shallow is not meant to be critical, but a description that describes the very wave of energy. (Lower). Shallow waves exist because there is less contrast in a life where risks are not taken. Different vibrating velocities create contrast. Like sweet and sour. These contrasts on the surface do not appear to be the same at all. But If we take the risk to experience both with equal consciousness, we will see that these waves are not the same, instead they are still harmonic.

(What is happening in the universe is creating change, energy contrast, shootings, weather, politics)

When these larger peaking waves are compared by the conscious mind of the human being, it is put into perspective by harmonizing and/or transmutation of energy. (it changes the vibration because within your waves it allows more energy to come through, it multiplies the waves so it raises vibration) Polarity is magnetic and keeps it together.

Natural Patterns in the universe are the product of the consciousness of every living species. When any species of animal or any living thing becomes aware of instinctual patterns, a new pattern may emerge, created in the pocket of an energy wave. This process continues over time until momentum creates force, and this pattern becomes locked in and reinforced by the connecting curtain: the fabric of the universe, the ALL, because we are all energetically connected through this collection or congregation of energy waves.

The momentum of energy described initially as formed in the pockets of the wave, but with enough consciousness (the power of the collective) momentum will move faster as energy patterns layer upon themselves.

This movement that we are here to conduct you through is the practice of adding consciousness to everyday life, even though this consciousness will create bigger peaks and valleys in the living of life; more ups and downs. But you see, these ups and downs, when made conscious, are what precipitates the next wave of collective action.

We are here to save the planet. We are open to the adjustment of species and changes to some degree, but we want this process to be paced, so that awareness can take place and new productive patterns can emerge in the universal consciousness or collective consciousness.

We are not talking about the human species as being an exclusive event (in itself). We are talking about the concept of harmonic resonance, which is the energetic resonance among all species. This includes humans, plants, water, all chemical reactions on earth and beyond.

Man has such limited view of the Universe that he cannot see the life that exists. Some of it vibrates at a high frequency, and some at a low frequency. This is not to be measured as good, better, or best, or bad, worse, the pits. This is to be perceived in a functional capacity. For example, the lower vibration is actually closer to the origin of existence and primitive, a necessary state… just as necessary for universal patterning as the higher vibrating world, the invisible world to mankind. The Divine Essence.

So, we do not label this because it creates dualism, a divide that stops momentum which slows down evolution, which keeps humans in the dark for longer. Because their spiritual evolution depends on the spaces between thoughts. The pocket below the energy wave.

This is why changing reality and patterns is nature is not an immediate event. It is why we perceive, as humans, that time exists.

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