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We are the Wave

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

What would life be like every energetic possibility was in the formation of a wave? Where at the beginning of the wave there is a creative spark that gains momentum,,begins slow descent back to a zero point. What if everything in nature at this beginning this middle and an end? And how does knowing this improve our lives?

Every day when we open our eyes to the moment it is like we are born again. We have the opportunity start over. It is not as if yesterday has that happened, but it is as if yesterday cannot be altered, except that all of the occasions that occurred yesterday are already going to be part of all the occasions that occur today. This is part of the integration the all. Part of the synergistic whole of the universe. We were born into this world to ability to live a deep, creative, synergistic and meaningful life; simply by harnessing our inner guidance system.

If we focus on the new day. If we wake up to our senses, in the moment, and begin the process of appreciating the new day while we are at the beginning of this new wave of energy, interact our thoughts to new focus and therefore manifest the momentum on the upward slant of the wave.

In contrast, when We are daydreaming, our thoughts unconsciously drifts to work through problems. We are not conscious and aware of the fear inside of us, this fear will dictate our thoughts by focusing on the worst outcomes possible and threaten our clarity and good feelings. Or maybe , based on our trauma, we are unconsciously daydreaming about a hopeful future... But what does it mean to open our eyes to the moment?

To absorb the moment, first one must be conscious of the moment itself. This is where the spark of creation becomes a possibility and the new wave created through our thoughts and our now experience.

In tuning in to the moment through all of our senses, It requires letting go of all thoughts, expectations and patterning in order to be open to the possibilities of the moment. We can tune into are energetic presence and see what is in the moment, hear the nuance of noice around us, feel the air temperature or the breeze on our face, use our sense of smell and taste, as well as our sense of intuition which is conscious awareness of her energetic selves.

When we are looking out the window on a fall day see the beauty of the color on the trees as they go through their fall ritual of pulling back and conserving energy and letting their leaves go, perhaps we can let go of that whole story. And look out on this day as if we have no knowledge and no knowing spirit

. We are at the beginning of the wave, and we can now change the story if and reset our thoughts. Is this even possible? Is it possible to forget that we know that after fall comes the harsh winter? Is possible to forget about that fall in our pasts where we experienced pain? Or necessary?

The past present and the future are all connected. We live in a holistic universe where each occurrence holds all other occurrences. No part works without the other parts and each incredible well pattern event and item affects all others. If we think of the human body, we can see that all of our organs; our hearts our livers, the cells in our brain, our blood all contribute to the working of the whole.

Not one of these components can work on their own in order to create the human living body. In the same way that all of these body parts depend on each other in a creative and synergistic way, defined by the whole, all of the universe is integrated. At every size and in every moment, down to the smallest molecular level possible, somewhere in the realm of light energy, energy is blended, and we as human beings are parts of the synergistic whole of the universe.

Conciousness allows us to participate in the riding the waves of our lives. It is possible to open a new wave of thought in the very second and moment simply by becoming aware of the moment. In this now this now-ness, we can break the momentum of unconscious thoughts that are leading us to places we have already been.

The beginning of this new wave of thought we are open to new perspectives. Set our thought we open ourselves to a new state of existence, at the beginning of the wave. We know we are here because we experience peace. This Pure peace is a state of ecstasy that our body/mind craves.

We unconsciously seek this sense of peace in our daily lives through our actions. It is the positive intention behind our alcohol and drug abuse, behind many events that we perceive to be pleasurable. But with action items that are forced into existence through our unconscious will, there is often a giant letdown that follows the peak moment our experience we are seeking.

The proverbial we cannot be on top of the mountain at all times. Or can we? We can certainly tame the peaks and valleys of the wave through our conciousness.

Consciousness/awareness is the driving factor in how energy is dispersed in our lives. Our culture has changed drastically, primitive times when the very survival of our culture placed us in the moment most of the time.

The wave of the punch was such that our hunger created our consciousness and awareness that we needed food this drive this instinctual energy formed the momentum of the upward wave. Catching the prey represented the peak of the wave, and being satiated represented the descent the wave energy without this survival need in modern times we find ourselves in the midst of many addiction and epidemics such as obesity.

We want to soothe ourselves and we are seeking peace through the comforts of food for whatever place you are putting your energy. We’ve gotten so far away from basic survival in our culture that we are confused.

In nature, a bird is not confused and knows it needs to find sustenance and shelter and to keep itself safe from predators. Perhaps in the seeking of food the bird becomes tired and takes a break and suns itself on a rock and enjoys this pleasure of his life. This is because he’s in the moment.

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