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Reach for the Stars

Below you will discover services offered at Pure Peace Conscious Living. Each section will lead you to a deeper illustration into the service provided.

Image by Antonika Chanel

Reiki/Energy Work:

Reiki is an ancient Japanese Healing Art Form.  Reiki will balance your energy fields. Channeled Universal Energy can  free up stuck energy and move emotion.

After Reiki, you will leave in a state of Pure Peace.  Intuitive messages often arise between both giver and receiver of Universal Energy.
$ 75 - $ 100

Image by Fabian Møller

Conscious Living Coaching:

Each coaching session is intuitively guided and different from from the last. As your Conscious Living Coach, I will give you the tools, techniques and interventions to reveal the answers from within. As sessions progress you will become well-versed in navigating issues whenever, wherever, and however they arise.
$ 75 - $ 100

Image by Hal Gatewood


This German Technological healing technique detects your energetic wave-length and coaxes your cells into a more integrated, cohesive pattern. Electromagnetic frequencies are delivered to treat issues concerning mind, body and soul.

$ 75 - $ 100

Image by Ksenia Makagonova

Yoga Therapy:

Through various applications via the yogic model of health, each session will  focused around your individual needs/capacity. These sessions will naturally encourage clients to become more in tune, while simultaneously promoting a heightened state of optimal well-being.

$ 75 - $ 100

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