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Wise Woman

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

You are tired. Your silver strands should lift you up , wrapping you in the warmth of your wisdom. Yet you choke your self with them. You choke the divinity out of yourself and it is not your fault. Forgive yourself often, our humanity causes us to separate our SELVES from the beautiful ALL.

Wise Woman; I see your pain.

Sometimes it feels like you have lost your way. But your path is not a straight one. It is a kaleidoscope of color and lines and movement; it is a song! High notes and low notes and mostly-in-between notes. And you ARE right where you ARE. (Ubiety)

Women; Take your tethered souls and release them. Open your hearts to yourselves and each other. Your body/minds needs your gentle love and wisdom more than ever. Rise up!

Divine Feminine: We are the nurturers, the reflection of the moon. We are the womb bearers, creation is ours. We are the particles at the origin of the wave.

Our power is DIVINE. We are the spark of our own gentle self nurturance. Our magic feminine fingers can then reaches into this magnificent universe with splendor.

Women of Wisdom: Together, we surf the waves of the Universe.

Then always, always, we quietly return to the root of our being. Simply by turning inward and receiving our own love.

It was never ours to begin with.

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